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Dog Diapers
(dog nappies)

Finally, you can sew them yourself!

New from Parksbird Patterns!

Sewing Patterns for ADORABLE and FUNCTIONAL
Dog Diapers for male or female dogs
Pattern comes with SIX sizes from XXS to XL

(see weights and measurements list below)

Dog Diapers are completely washable and are made to
hold a disposable maxi pad or panty liner for absorbency.

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Instant Digital Delivery - just $5.88 for all six pattern sizes!

Adobe PDF Pattern prints on
 (8.5" x 11")
No special printer required


Only $5.88

and get instant digital delivery -
you download the patterns
please be sure to download your purchase within 24 hours

Buy my sewing pattern with
ALL SIX sizes (XXS - XL)
for less than the cost of
just ONE
dog diaper in the smallest size





Size Fits Waist Sizes
and Weights
XXS 6-12 inches
15-30 cm

up to 4 lbs
up to 2 kg

10-13 inches
25-33 cm

4 - 8 lbs
2-4 kg


13-19 inches
33-48 cm

8-15 lbs
4-7 kg


18-25 inches
45-63 cm

15-35 lbs
7-16 kg


20-27 inches

35-55 lbs
16-25 kg


25-34 inches
63-86 cm

55-75 lbs
25-34 kg