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Cloth Diaper in 4 sizes (A-I-O and Pocket variations)
Training Pants / Swim Diaper in 5 sizes
Baby Carry Wrap (like HotSling)
Carry Wrap for Child with doll
Ring Sling (like Maya Wrap)
Car Seat / Carrier Cover (reversible with binky loop)
Crib Sheet (fits standard sizes 5" or 6")
Onesie Dress
Ruffled Socks
Cutsie Bootsies
Stroller Bag (fits all strollers large or small)

You Get Patterns for ALL This:


Car Seat / Carrier Cover with Face Flap and
binky / toy loop



Make Cloth POCKET or
AIO (All-in-one) Diapers

Actual pattern pieces in .pdf format included for diaper in sizes:
XS up to 10 lbs
S 10-15 lbs
M 15-25 lbs
L over 25 lbs



Training Pants /
Diaper Cover / Swim Diaper

This pattern will be added to the links page on Tuesday 4/15/08. Meanwhile, you have a lot of other items to get started on!  :)


Actual pattern pieces in .pdf format included for training pants in sizes:
1 - 5 (for weights between 15 and 43 lbs)


Make your own Training Pants, Diaper Covers and Swim Diapers
$AVE $$$!!!

NO velcro opening on the side because this would be too easy for little ones to undo - these have elastic waist and legs and must be pulled up and down to help properly potty train.


Diaper Cover version does not have the inner absorbent layer, but it does have a soft flannel inner layer and an outer waterproof layer. 
Fitted Crib Sheet and Stroller Bag (fits all strollers)


Crib Sheet fits standard crib and Toddler mattresses

52"x 28"x 5"
52"x 28"x 6"


Stroller Bag fits all strollers

Stroller Bag
Infant or Toddler Carry Sling Pattern
Sized for Small, Med, Large and Extra Large

Carries newborn up to 35 lbs



Infant or Toddler Carry Wrap Pattern with a padded edge
Sized for

Carries children from newborn up to 35 lbs



Plus, make one for big sister like mommy's to carry a doll or stuffed animal!


Like H0tSling or N@tive Wr@p The wrap on the left and right are the SAME wrap. 

Size is based on WEARER, not child being carried


Onesie Dress
can be made with any sized "Onesie"
Ruffled Socks
(not for infant socks but toddlers and up)
If you have previously purchased the Complete Set, your links have been updated to include these patterns! :)
Cutsie Bootsies
(for infants, not for toddlers - they are worn over socks or tights)