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Patterns using foil juice pouches such as
Kool-Aid Jammers, Capri Sun, Tang, Minute Maid Coolers, Hi-C Blast, Kim Possible

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Even if this is your first foil pouch project, you can be confident you can do it with my patterns.
Try this FREE sample pattern and see for yourself how easy they are!


Open top purse unlined with or without boa

35 photos!

Checkbook Cover - not just a long wallet, a real checkbook cover with duplicate check protector

35 photos!

2 or more panel purse lined with fabric - has an inside fabric pocket!

60 photos!

boy's wallet - a real wallet with bill and change compartments!  Your little guy will love it!

11 photos!

Tanning Tote - carry your lotion, goggles and suit in this cute tote!  2 elasticized fabric pockets and velcro closure.

16 photos!

belt - for adults or children

15 photos!

All Purpose Tote (fabric lined) with sunglasses case

11.5" high
10" wide
5.5" front-to-back.

Sunglasses case attaches to the inside with velcro

44 photos!

cell phone case with belt loop, velcro front tab, optional d-ring and clip

29 photos!


Flap purse with or without boa

33 photos!

Game Boy Case

(lined with fabric - has storage for two extra game cards and a belt loop on the back!)

50 photos!

Watch Band

38 photos!

Tri-Fold Wallet
(with a loop to attach a key ring or lanyard.  I take mine everywhere and always get compliments!)

45 photos!

ID Changepurse
(carry your ID or a photo of your grandkids or a pet -- easy to show them off!! yep, that's Gov. Arnold in mine!)

45 photos!

Curved Pouch Backpack Drawstring Purse with two size tops (small and large).

39 photos!

fabric lined change purse with flap and velcro closure - credit/debit cards fit perfectly

16 photos!

Curved Pouch Purse with optional boa and optional pinwheel trim

60 photos!

Fleece lined glasses or sunglasses case - - make 1 in 10 minutes!

Not available as an individual pattern

20 photos!

Beach Tote or extra large bag - - wont be stained by sand or water!



Finally - by popular request!

Not available as an individual pattern

13 photos!

ID Holder

College kids, professionals - you would be surprised how popular these are! 

Not available as an individual pattern

18 photos!

Note Pad Cover

I absolutely LOVE mine!

Not available as an individual pattern

15 photos!


Organizer Pocket

perfect for a teen's desk or to sort mail!

Not available as an individual pattern


Pencil Case 

Something else a boy can use!

Not available as an individual pattern


Tissue Pack

Not available as an individual pattern

13 photos!

Curved Pouch Change Purse

Not available as an individual pattern

27 photos!

Christmas photo ornament or

Key Chain photo holder

Not available as an individual pattern

15 photos!

Refrigerator Foto Frame with magnet

Not available as an individual pattern

16 photos!

Christmas Stocking

30 photos!

fabric lined velcro top change purse - credit/debit cards fit perfectly

Not available as an individual pattern

12 photos!

Straight Key Chain

Not available as an individual pattern

9 photos!

Awareness Ribbon Key Chain

Not available as an individual pattern

8 photos!

Added bonus:

Directions for cleaning and preparing kool aid, capri sun and tang pouches!

9 photos! 


Please note:
You are not purchasing the items you see here OR any materials -
just the sewing pattern (the sewing instructions with color photos).

By purchasing these patterns, you agree not to resell or give away
the patterns themselves (all or part) in any format.

It is ok to sell the items you make from my patterns!

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You've looked everywhere and maybe you've tried some others - but I have the best patterns
for the foil pouch purses and accessories and bags that everybody is crazy about!
sure-to-please gifts every time - QUICK AND EASY ! With the price of everything going UP and inflation rising, it makes a lot of practical sense to recycle juice pouches and MAKE your gifts - less driving around to shop!!

Unlike some other pattern sellers who e-mail you a file attachment with just a few photos TOTAL,
mine are packed with up-close, very detailed color photos of
EVERY SINGLE STEP along with instructions.

You could almost work from the pictures alone!

First time using a sewing machine and I finished this purse easily! 


I was so thrilled to get the pattern for the fabric lined purse. My daughter is 15 and she had been wanting one. I had tried to make one out of sight from the internet, but oh boy what a mess!  Your pattern was so good, I made one that night, and my daughter loved it she is taking it to school today to show everyone!   (e-mail feedback from Debbie)

Have bought from others,

Great Seller!! Received Email within minutes!!
Great Patterns!! *****5 STARS****


Best patterns I've found for Kool-Aid Purses!!! Very easy to understand - A++
soo easy instructions. You will not go wrong even if you don't sew VERY NICE! :)
love the patterns, fun purses,
daughters love them, fast response
Very helpful-luv patterns-done nicely-would recommend & purchase from again A+A+
Great patterns, lots of photos and clear explanations. The best.

Exactly what I needed..I can't say enough about how complete the patterns are-AAAAA+++

Got pattern as soon as I paid....
I made my first one this morning and LOVE IT!!!


Love the patterns!!!
Easy to Understand
....Highly Recommended!!!!


Q: Do I need a sewing machine to make these? A: Yes.  All the patterns require a sewing machine that can sew straight and zigzag stitches.  They cannot be made by hand-sewing or using an hand-held sewing device.
Q: If I pay through PayPal right now, how soon can I get the patterns e-mailed to me?

A: You get the e-mailed patterns within MINUTES! 

Q: I am just learning to sew.  How easy are these to sew?


A: I believe you will do fine.  I have tried to design the patterns so teens (not smaller children) could follow them.  The photos are very detailed and you can always e-mail me if you have a question!
Q: I am a professional seamstress and have never seen this kind of pattern before!  It seems like a cute idea - it looks like the foil juice pouches, but how is it sewn?


A: Yes, they are made from the juice pouches, but I can't give you the instructions for free!  ;)  If you have not seen these items, you are missing a MAJOR trend.  If you sew for crafts shows, you NEED my patterns.  They will save you much frustration and many hours of trial and error because the foil pouches are very "unforgiving" when you sew them.  You have the benefit of MY trial and error.  My patterns and CD are a gold mine for the price.
Q: What type of thread and needle are needed?


A: I use regular, everyday polyester sewing thread (matched to the pouch) or clear monofilament thread and a standard needle for medium weight fabrics in the sewing machine.  You will need to change needles more often sewing through foil.